#96 The Creativity of Transcreation with Tag Collective Arts’ Rik Grant

November 26, 2021 Slator
#96 The Creativity of Transcreation with Tag Collective Arts’ Rik Grant
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Rik Grant, Transcreation Partner at London-based Tag Collective Arts, joins SlatorPod to talk about all things transcreation as well as multi-language content creation.

Rik discusses his route into the language industry; from working as a Lead Account Manager to entering the creative industry. He outlines the careful process behind recruiting transcreation talent and their varied copywriting, agency, or client-side background.

Rik shares the challenges involved in localizing for different markets, especially when technical, linguistic, and cultural barriers are prevalent in certain locales. He also advises on how to help clients appreciate the value of transcreation.

Rik touches on the role of language technology in Tag’s workflow and pricing models for transcreation versus translation. He rounds things off with his industry outlook as digital content continues to grow and customers seek personalized experiences.

First up, Florian and Esther discuss the language industry news of the week, with a funding round that shocked the language industry as multilingual transcription company raised USD 250m in a series E.

Florian talks about the recent acquisition of Ireland-based LSP LocalEyes, a localization provider to Apple, by Star Group company STAR7. Esther then touches on 10 different language jobs Big Tech companies like Apple, Meta, Amazon, Google, and Tencent are hiring for.

Agenda and Intro
Verbit raises USD 250m in Series E
LocalEyes acquired by Star7
10 language jobs Big Tech is hiring for
Rik Grant joins the pod
Rik's language and creative industry background
Use of Japenese in day-to-day life
Tag Collective Arts in a nutshell
Hiring transcreation talent
Profile of transcreation experts
Challenges localizing for different markets
Region-specific locales
Helping clients to understand transcreation
Role of language tech in transcreation
Transcreation vs. translation pricing models
Outlook for the industry and Tag Collective Arts