#86 Fake Interpreters, Fake LinkedIn Profiles, SlatorCon Highlights

September 10, 2021 Slator
#86 Fake Interpreters, Fake LinkedIn Profiles, SlatorCon Highlights
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First up, Florian and Esther share key takeaways from SlatorCon Remote, which hosted 13 guest speakers and drew in over 300 attendees.

Esther talks about the Video Localization panel, where Chris Reynolds, Tom Livne, and Fardad Zabetian explored the similarities and differences between speech and text outputs. Next, Florian follows up on the Content in the Age of AI panel, where Konstantin Savenkov, Jochen Hummel, and Michel Lopez covered the landscape of AI-generated content.

Speaking about this week in language industry news, Florian recounts his experience with LinkedIn spam; the likes of weekly fake profile requests from Chinese LSP CCJK. Florian then discusses Apostroph Group’s new CEO Philipp Meier, who previously held the position of CEO of Apostrophe Switzerland.

The duo also talk about Cohere, an AI startup co-founded by University of Toronto alumni and which raised USD 40m to develop natural language software.

In UK news, Esther shares how a woman was made to complete a rehabilitation course by UK Police after she presented a fake document in an attempt to be registered as an interpreter. Meanwhile, Southampton-based LSP Parallel Translations will be closing its doors at the end of September after nearly 25 years of trading.

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SlatorCon Remote highlights
CCJK LinkedIn spam
Apostroph Group appoints new CEO
AI startup Cohere raises USD 40m
Fake interpreter caught by UK Police
Parallel Translations to close