#200 Why Anja Jones Put Social Responsibility at the Core of Her Language Service Provider

February 21, 2024 Slator
#200 Why Anja Jones Put Social Responsibility at the Core of Her Language Service Provider
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In the landmark 200th episode of the SlatorPod, we are joined by Anja Jones, Managing Director of AJT, to talk about the language service provider’s (LSP’s) journey to becoming a B Corp, a certification for businesses balancing profit with social and environmental responsibility.

Anja touches upon the impact of large language models (LLMs), expressing concerns about ethical implications, copyright issues, and the environmental footprint associated with LLMs. She also discusses how a focus on the intricacies of European culture became their USP.

When it comes to using AI in translation, Anja highlights that certain content types, such as marketing texts and transcreation, are still best handled by human translators due to the need for creativity and cultural sensitivity.

The podcast shifts towards the need for regulation in the language AI industry. Anja points out the ethical implications of AI-generated content, particularly in scenarios like voice synthesis and deep fake technologies.

Anja also talks about winning the 2023 ATC Ethical Business award, attributing it to their commitment to fair pay, transparent communication, and creating opportunities for new translators.

Anja shares the LSP's plans for 2024, which include focusing on collaborations with value-aligned businesses, including sustainable fashion brands and companies leveraging AI for personalized Google Ads.

Professional Background and Starting AJT
Client Case Studies
Targeting the European Market
Becoming a B Corp Certified LSP
Competitive Landscape
Availability of Translators in the Market
Thoughts on Large Language Models
Being a Human-First Organisation
Evolution of Translators in the Age of AI
Toughest Text Types for AI
The Need for Language AI Regulation
2023 ATC Ethical Business Award
Roadmap for 2024