#192 Why Cost Per Word in Translation is Outdated With GetGloby CEO Diego Antista

November 17, 2023 Slator
#192 Why Cost Per Word in Translation is Outdated With GetGloby CEO Diego Antista
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Diego Antista, Co-Founder and CEO of GetGloby, joins SlatorPod to talk about the complexity of translating and transcreating digital ad campaigns.

Diego shares a pivotal moment when he discovered that the cost of translating campaigns for multicultural audiences was a significant barrier for advertisers, leading to the creation of GetGloby with fellow former Googler, Juan Fusoni.

Diego shares insights into the advertising industry, such as the role of agencies in global campaigns and the metrics advertisers prioritize to measure campaign success.

Diego sheds light on the challenges of localizing keywords, particularly in languages with character limitations, and discusses how GetGloby addresses the need for consistent brand voice across various languages.

Diego discusses the platform's current target segment, primarily large clients and global agencies, and outlines their plans to launch an online product for smaller advertisers.

Diego explores the tech stack behind GetGloby, focusing on the use of AI, machine translation, and the development of their proprietary model called Jaga. He also highlights the importance of incorporating native reviewers for certain clients, especially in the luxury brand sector.

Looking ahead, Diego shares how clients will soon be able to activate a new campaign for a flat fee of 10 dollars per month, with a credit-based model replacing the traditional cost-per-word approach.

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