#188 Smartling CEO Bryan Murphy on Seizing the Language AI Moment

October 27, 2023 Slator
#188 Smartling CEO Bryan Murphy on Seizing the Language AI Moment
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Bryan Murphy, CEO of Smartling, joins SlatorPod to share insights into the language technology leader’s position as a turnkey cloud-based language AI solution.

Bryan talks about his background in software and e-commerce and how he joined Smartling to leverage technology in the translation and localization business.

Bryan expands on how Smartling has built a sophisticated translation and localization management platform and expert-in-the-loop productivity technology. The CEO explains Smartling’s decision to leverage its technology to gain an edge in the language services market.

He highlights the impact of large language models and generative AI in enhancing productivity, improving translation quality, and reducing costs. Bryan also touches on recent product launches like Smartling Translate, which targets the individual contributor within the enterprise.

Bryan discusses the impact of AI in the industry and its transformative potential, likening it to the advent of the commercial internet. He elaborates on the role of human language experts in the industry, emphasizing that AI enhances their productivity rather than replacing them.

Looking ahead to 2024, Smartling aims to improve the quality for customers, simplify processes, and further boost translator productivity.

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