#187 Stop Using the Term Full Post-Editing with Jakub Absolon

October 20, 2023 Slator
#187 Stop Using the Term Full Post-Editing with Jakub Absolon
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Jakub Absolon, CEO of, joins SlatorPod to share insights into the evolving landscape of AI in the language industry and the role of post-editing in the translation process.

Jakub acknowledged the success of the past two years but noted that this year has brought new challenges. To stay competitive, the LSP plans to expand its B2B client base beyond the Slovak and Czech markets and explore languages in Central and Eastern Europe.

The podcast delves into the concept of full post-editing, which Jakub criticizes, believing it often results in a near-human translation, making it difficult for translators to justify their role and potentially leading to a decline in the quality of work and a loss of skilled translators.

Jakub expresses skepticism about the complete replacement of human project management with AI, as project managers serve as crucial connectors between clients and translators.

Regarding the use of large language models like ChatGPT, Jakub mentions that he uses them for content creation, but it requires a good understanding of the topic to avoid hallucinations.

Jakub anticipates that the industry will continue to grow, with a greater emphasis on post-edited machine translation and content creation rather than traditional translation.

Professional Background in a Nutshell
Evolution of Clients
Current Business Mood
Working with Freelancers
Post-Editing Machine Translation
Thoughts on Full Post-Editing
Different Translation Processes
Effect on Translators
Expertise Versus Linguistic Skills
Impact of LLMs
What ATCSK is Up To
Industry Outlook