#183 Winning Translation and Localization RFPs with memoQ RFP’s Mark Shriner

September 14, 2023 Slator
#183 Winning Translation and Localization RFPs with memoQ RFP’s Mark Shriner
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Mark Shriner, Strategic Sales Director of memoQ, and now CEO of memoQ RFP, joins the podcast to discuss the challenges and opportunities of request for proposals (RFPs) in the language industry.

Mark explains that enterprise language services RFPs tend to focus on language pairs and pricing, while language technology RFPs delve deep into product features, integrations, and security.

Mark talks about the complexities when responding to RFPs as different departments within an organization may need to provide answers, making coordination challenging.

Mark highlights the advantage of size in the language industry, particularly as larger companies often have specialized RFP writers who craft polished responses, contributing to their success.

He shares some memorable experiences, including successfully handling a multilingual RFP from a Finnish government entity, which required linguistic proficiency and accuracy.

Mark unveils memoQ RFP, Inc., a new solution to streamline the RFP response process, initially targeting small to medium-sized businesses. It aims to leverage technology, including translation memory and AGT, to make RFP responses more efficient and plans to follow a startup trajectory for growth.

In the coming months, memoQ RFP will focus on finalizing its minimum viable product, recruiting beta customers, and gathering feedback. 

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