#181 ChatGPT Translation Quality Reality Check

September 01, 2023 Slator
#181 ChatGPT Translation Quality Reality Check
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Florian and Esther discuss the language industry news of the week, where amid ChatGPT's new enterprise launch, Florian tested ChatGPT's translation quality and came across mistranslations and awkward phrasing.

Florian highlights the launch of the Slator Pro Guide: Subtitling and Captioning, providing an overview of its content and use cases. The discussion shifted to Meta's latest release SeamlessM4T which handles various translation-related tasks, including speech recognition, speech-to-speech translation, and more, across 100+ languages.

Meanwhile, Appen shares price dropped considerably, so they aim to reposition themselves more toward generative AI but may face stiff competition from companies like Scale AI which recently announced a strategic partnership with OpenAI.

The duo give their view on a Twitter post by a freelancer who was asked to provide discounts for typos by an LSP. When posed this question in Slator’s newsletter, the community's response was divided, with the majority opposing discounts for typos.

Intro and Agenda
SlatorCon Zurich Agenda Complete
Slator Pro Guide: Subtitling and Captioning
Throwback to Georg Ell's Podcast
ChatGPT Launches Enterprise and Florian's Quality Check
Which LSPs Made the 2023 Inc. 5000 List?
Meta's SeamlessM4T Release
Appen Shares Crash
Discount for Typos in Translation