#180 Next Generation Localization Software with Phrase CEO Georg Ell

August 25, 2023 Slator
#180 Next Generation Localization Software with Phrase CEO Georg Ell
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Georg Ell, CEO of Phrase, joins SlatorPod to talk about key moments since he joined the localization platform in May 2022, merging Memsource into the Phrase brand, and the opportunities of AI-driven growth of content requiring localization.

Georg discusses Phrase’s product offering, which includes machine translation (MT) aggregator Phrase Translate and proprietary MT engine Phrase NextMT, where they provide customers with flexibility, neutrality, and solutions that align with their localization needs and varying maturity levels.

Georg unveils Phrase's upcoming pricing structure revamp, set to launch in September, which aims to provide customers with streamlined access to the entire suite of capabilities across Phrase TMS, Phrase Strings, Phrase Orchestrator, and other features.

Georg shares a perspective on the future of a hyper-personalized internet enabled by generative AI. He discusses the importance of AI-driven workflows, complex custom configurations, and dynamically evaluated machine learning models.

Georg advises on how LSPs should embrace AI and MT. He also touches on funding in the language technology sector, and how they intend to invest in areas that align with the company's growth strategy.

Professional Background and Becoming CEO of Phrase
Anecdotes From the Past 18 Months
Unifying Memsource and Phrase
Phrase Translate vs PhraseNextMT
Client Maturity Levels
SaaS Pricing Structure
Long and Short-Term Vision
The Future of Hyper-Personalization
No-Code Workflow Automation
How LLMs Can Be Integrated
Working with LSPs
Funding Activity