#177 Building a SaaS Product for Subtitling, Dubbing with Checksub Founder Florian Stègre

July 27, 2023 Slator
#177 Building a SaaS Product for Subtitling, Dubbing with Checksub Founder Florian Stègre
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In this week’s SlatorPod, we are joined by Florian Stègre, Founder of Checksub, to discuss how the SaaS platform powers subtitling and dubbing for SMEs and enterprise clients.

Florian's entrepreneurial journey began after graduating from business school and founding video production company, ROOM Agency, which laid the foundation for Checksub.

Checksub primarily serves SMEs and enterprises, where they have the option to work with external providers in the video editor.

Florian expands on the platform's unique features, including animated subtitles and voice cloning, which analyzes the emotion and type of voice and provides a better match for the original speaker.

Florian shares why he took a bootstrapping approach to company building, focusing on achieving product market fit with an eye on long-term sustainability rather than rapid scaling.

When it comes to building tech in the fast-evolving age of AI, Florian keeps up to date with recent research, attends conferences and workshops, and collaborates with industry professionals.

Checksub ensures they remain ahead in the competitive AI market by focusing on skills development in their team. On the roadmap, Florian plans to enhance user experience, improve the translation editor, and add more capabilities to their AI dubbing platform.

Intro and Agenda
Background and Entrepreneurial Journey
Key Services and Pricing Structure
Finding Product-Market Fit
Use Cases
Voice Cloning Feature and Sales Strategy
Experience Being Bootstrapped
Translation Offering and Video Editor
Hollywood-Grade Subtitling
Client Profiles
Animated Subtitles
The Tech Behind Checksub
Integrating Whisper
Hiring AI Talent
Roadmap for 2023 and Beyond