#147 LXT’s Phil Hall on the 2023 AI Boom, Covering 750 Languages, and ChatGPT

January 25, 2023 Slator
#147 LXT’s Phil Hall on the 2023 AI Boom, Covering 750 Languages, and ChatGPT
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In this week’s SlatorPod, LXT Chief Growth Officer Phil Hall joins us to talk about the company’s journey, from providing high-quality Arabic data for a Big Tech company to expanding into 750 languages.

Phil shares his background teaching linguistics and leading business development for Appen before joining LXT. He discusses the key findings from The Path to AI Majority report, from the maturity levels among 200 executives surveyed to which industries are trailblazers in AI adoption.

Phil touches on search relevance ranking as a method to retrain machine learning and give more relevant results. He gives his thoughts on ChatGPT and why he considers it a step change in AI.

Phil talks about LXT’s growth strategy, with M&A a potential avenue to acquire new customers and improve the technology stack. He goes over some of the legal and security considerations when it comes to data, with permission and secure facilities taking priority.

The pod rounds off with Phil’s take on where the AI industry is heading, with quite a long way to go before it becomes stable, low risk, and deployed with absolute confidence.

Intro and Agenda
Professional Background and LXT's History
Current Role as Chief Growth Officer
Main Strengths at LXT
Language Proficiency in Data Annotation
Search Relevance
Language Service Offering
The Path to AI Majority
Trailblazers in AI Adoption
Chief Roles in AI
ChatGPT Hype
Competitive Landscape
Growth Strategy
Legal and Ethical Consideration in Data
Synthetic Data Use
AI Industry in 2023