#137 Intento CEO Konstantin Savenkov on Best-Fit MT, Google Translation Hub, Generative AI

November 11, 2022 Slator
#137 Intento CEO Konstantin Savenkov on Best-Fit MT, Google Translation Hub, Generative AI
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Konstantin Savenkov, CEO and co-founder of Intento, joins SlatorPod to discuss how they enable enterprise clients to choose best-fit machine translation (MT) services and technology.

Konstantin outlines Intento’s services and product offerings, which include an MT Hub for localization and office productivity, an MT studio, as well as MT evaluation and maintenance. He talks about why there is a lack of consolidation when it comes to MT providers, translation management systems (TMS), and translation productivity technology (aka CAT).

The CEO discusses the highlights from Intento’s State of Machine Translation 2022 report, which evaluates 31 MT engines, their best-performing language pairs, and pricing comparison. He shares his views on Google’s Translation Hub and how it raises more interest from investors evaluating the language industry.

Konstantin gives his take on generative AI — such as Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion and Open AI’s Whisper — and how this will not only impact the content generation and authoring industry but the machine translation space as well. He presents the idea of source quality improvement, where the source text is generalized before machine translation to make it a much more post-editable text.

Konstantin concludes the podcast with Intento’s roadmap for 2023, which includes connecting to more enterprises and adding more automated post-editing features.

Intro and Agenda
Intento Elevator Pitch
Route into Machine Learning and AI
Product Offering and Services
The Variety of MT, TMS, CAT Tools
2022 State of Machine Translation Report
Digital Workplace Productivity
Google's Translation Hub
Difference Between LSP and Enterprise Clients
Thoughts on Generative AI
Multilingual Models and Machine Translation
Source Text Improvement
Product Roadmap for 2023