#123 Reverso CEO Theo Hoffenberg on Building Language Technology Used by Millions

June 24, 2022 Slator
#123 Reverso CEO Theo Hoffenberg on Building Language Technology Used by Millions
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Theo Hoffenberg, Founder and CEO of Reverso, joins SlatorPod to talk about specializing in AI-based language tools and translation aids used by millions online.

Theo begins with his background in the software industry, where he helped launch tech companies in Europe and how he got into the language technology industry with Reverso. He discusses the evolution of the company, from a downloadable software to an online translation platform with millions of users including language professionals and enterprises.

The CEO talks us through the release of some of their AI-based language tools like Reverso Context, a bilingual dictionary tool based on big data and machine learning algorithms. He shares how they maintained and grew their user base by staying on top of SEO and leveraging the App Store.

Theo talks about acqui-hires and recruiting remote engineering and tech talent. He discusses how they stay ahead in a highly competitive space by deploying locally and online, offering secure SaaS for those in sensitive industries, and translating documents and websites while preserving their layout.

The pod rounds off with Reverso’s roadmap for 2022, including an all-in-one desktop app and an updated mobile app that will have even more learning capabilities. Theo also weighs in on the value of large language models when it comes to memory usage; because, as volumes grow, it becomes more critical to achieve high efficiency.

Agenda and Intro
Theo's Professional Background
Reverso's Origin Story
On Premise and SaaS Capabilities
Launching Reverso Context
Client Profile
In Demand Features
Acquiring New Users
Leveraging the App Store
Hiring and Retaining Technical Talent
History of Acqui-hiring
Why Theo Decided to Bootstrap
Staying Ahead in Machine Translation
Large Language Models Hype
Product Roadmap for 2022 and Beyond